a memoir of belief inscribed in heart

A Christian's cry in the good fight sings of faith versed in an epic poem. In a memoir of prayer the reader enters a fight fought from weak flesh against dark powers in evil hate and violence. Belief... in such a place?


A Warrior's Cry is unique as each one's fight... and universal too. It is a tear that falls from all. What am I... flesh or Spirit? God talk to me! The audience confronts physical reality of unbelief as it collides in battle against an unlimited spiritual trust to be spent in belief.


The Christian reaches to Holy Scripture and Holy Spirit in name of Jesus Christ for power in answer. Examination of time lived in weak flesh under pain and suffering is the breadth of prayer. Faith changes how the Christian sees himself in the world... his dustkind also living pain and suffering—need the same hope and deliverance. A soul-dier's heart now cries out the Amen in an omnipotent trust for justice while kneeling on ground of the faith. Forgiveness, in light of belief, will prevail. God's grace is given in the Christian's Corner of Belief.


In the Ring of Life there is no white towel to throw in—giving up. Hope cannot give in to a brutal fight fought toe to toe against evil, true to the Christian story in Holy Scripture. Love in the Corner of Belief defeats evil without fail.